Allen Meredith

I, Allen Meredith am 52 years old and I’ve been an artist my entire life. From comic based style pen and ink as a child, to years spent doing custom airbrush work on everything from bikes, and cars to buildings. I took my tattoo apprenticeship in 1985 in Atlanta Georgia and quickly found myself in love with the art of making people into a living canvas. After my apprenticeship I moved to Southern Florida and began my career.  In 2000 I opened my first shop Inksters  Tattoo  Studio in Fort Pierce FL, which was later moved to West Palm Beach. After twelve years I moved back home and later opened Inksters Body Art in Augusta GA. Only to be hit with the desire to travel again, which landed me here in Abilene ,Texas  at Happy Dragon Tattoo.  I don’t like saying I have a specialty as I can do all styles of tattooing. I do however prefer to do Portraits and Realistic style pieces. I’ve come to like black and grey artwork over color; simply because the average person doesn’t or can’t take the steps to ensure the life of their color tattoo i.e. no contact with the sun. I spent roughly ten years doing the tattoo convention circuit which lead to magazine coverage and many awards. I chose to stop because it kept me on the road all the time. I love big well thought out tattoos, ones that when the artwork is shown people are taken back and in awe of the beauty and magnitude of the piece. I prefer to work by appointment only but will do walk-ins.  ur paragraph here.