Happy Dragon Tattoo is the second oldest shop in Texas, and the oldest tattoo shop in Abilene.  Originally owned and operated by Harry Root since the early 1980's Happy Dragon received a new owner and a new look August 01, 2014. Having worked alongside Harry for 9 years John Moore saw that a major change needed to be made for years, and finally had an opportunity to show Abilene and  the surrounding areas the cosmetic potential that Happy Dragon had, since the talent of tattooing was already there.  For the past year six, sometimes seven days a week,  john has poured his blood, sweat, tears and his savings into making Happy Dragon Tattoo look just as nice as the Tattoos that walk out of the shop.  John continues to make the shop look better every day.  Happy Dragon has always been a clean and sterile shop but now has a more modern, and comforting feel to the inside of the shop, and a more inviting feel to the outside of the shop allowing our clients to feel as relaxed while getting tattooed as they would if they were in their own homes. 

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